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Do I need a cooling system service?

Do I need a cooling system service?

Your vehicle cooling system’s job is to keep your engine cool. Coolant (also called antifreeze) mixed with water flows through your engine and absorbs heat. The mixture then flows out to the radiator where it’s cooled by air flowing over the radiator. From there, the cooled mix circulates back through the vehicle engine to absorb more heat. Coolant, or antifreeze, is specially formulated to keep your engine safe in a wide range of environmental and operating temperatures in New Mexico. Without coolant, the vehicle’s metal engine parts would expand so much that the engine would seize up and stop running. Expensive parts could be broken or warp so badly they would have to be replaced by Morris and Comanche. It could even be so bad that the whole engine is ruined and has to be replaced. Also, if it’s freezing outside in Albuquerque, the water in your engine could freeze while your vehicle is sitting out in the cold. This is why you check coolant levels frequently and have your ... read more


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