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Tune Up

As vehicles have evolved, so has the definition of a tune up. While a tune up used to include adjusting the carburetor and replacing the distributor cap if needed, those engine elements are no longer used in today's high tech engines. One of the main constants throughout the years has been the switching out of spark plugs. 

Every shop has it's own definition of a tune up and we generally define that as switching out the spark plugs and boots. On many vehicles, it is recommended to switch out the spark plugs every 100,000 miles, though this varies by manufacturer. We also may recommend cleaning the mass air flow sensor and an air and fuel system cleaning. If we see anything else concerning, we will advise you and go from there. 

If you have concerns about your spark plugs, we also offer a check for tune up service which goes for about $40.

If you are looking to get your vehicle checked over, get the fluids checked and filled and get the tires checked and aired up, you would want to go with our check overall service which costs around $100. (See Check Overall in Services)






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