Albuquerque Auto Repair

Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Albuquerque, NM

If your check engine light comes on, give us a call and make an appointment or just drop in and we can do a quick code read and advise you from there.

When you do bring your vehicle in with a performance issue, we start with an hour and a half of diag time because sometimes these issues are difficult to pin down. If we do not need the full 1.5 hours, you will only be charged for the time used.

We’ll begin the diagnostic by scanning all modules. This gives our tech a starting place to check for any known problems and then get in and look at the part(s) that may be causing the problem. Some common issues that set off the check engine light are evap leaks, misfires and converter efficiency codes. 

Once the problem is diagnosed, we will advise you of recommended repairs and will not go ahead with anything unless you approve the work.

NOTE: We are not equipped to do this kind of diag on Euro vehicles


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